Talking Music: Reflections & Recommendations by Admohr


What is this?

A place for music recommendations for those who have yet to encounter certain songs & albums and a place of reflection on those songs & albums once you have.

Aren’t there one million other sites & blogs on the web for this?

Yes – though my intent with this site is to reflect on the listener’s experience with a select few of the albums that have intrigued me over time. There is a multitude of great content on the web that gives us a great means of finding each year’s best releases – I’m just hoping to emphasize the listening experience on the albums that move me the most, as opposed to providing another critical or analytical review. That’s the goal, anyways.

How often is content updated?

Infrequently, to put it optimistically. I’d recommend just tacking me on to your feeds because the output will likely be variable.

Is that it?

Not at all. Come follow me at though be advised that my output there captures much more than just music.


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