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Favorite Albums 2013

Posted in 2013 by admohr on December 30, 2013

This will be the 9th year that I’ve done a year-end Albums list, the most recent 8 years’ lists are stored here on this site although the first list which I created in 2005 was stored on a University web-page I’d created for school projects and that site has been long since deleted (which is for the best). My lists have evolved over the years from blindly thinking I’d found the ten “best” albums (in 2005, I probably barely listened to 20 albums in total yet felt entitled to make a “top 10”) to becoming deeply overwhelmed in recent years by the breadth of music, art, and performance that exists in the world and becoming fully aware that I am only experiencing a small portion of the world’s culture. In the last two years I have become frustrated with my own complicity in the commodification of artistic performances, resorting to year-end rankings and lists. I believe that artistic performances are the antidote to some of the worst aspects of our zero-sum capitalist society, primarily those that reinforce in-equal merit or hierarchy. I don’t rank albums anymore because of this and this year I’ve hesitated to even further distinguish certain works from the 170+ that I have already recommended on twitter because I’m unsure of any constructive purpose further stratification ultimately serves. (more…)