Talking Music: Reflections & Recommendations by Admohr

Explaining High Violet

Posted in Uncategorized by admohr on May 9, 2010

High Violet, the latest LP from The National has had a powerful, moving effect on me as a listener from even my initial encounters and tonight as I found myself unable to fall asleep I set out to completely immerse myself in this performance and actually try to write about these latest expressions from a band whose total sonic experience, vocals & conviction have always had a shaking effect on me throughout their entire album career. (more…)


The Best Albums of 2009: No. 10 – No. 6

Posted in 2009, The Year's Best, Top Ten, Uncategorized by admohr on December 29, 2009

Annual ‘Best of’ List exchanges have remained an effective means of exchanging views & pushing recommendations across all different sorts of media from blogs & wall posts to established magazines & newspapers. And while it is clearly¬† foolish to assign a numerical ranking to subjective listening experiences and even more bizarre to try to summarize the influence of a piece of art in the very moment it was released – we all enjoy engaging one another in the same meaningless practices each year. What follows is my input on the year’s best music in the form of the annual Top Ten List.

10. Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit

Listeners first met Jason Isbell as an occasionally-contributing writer of the Drive-By Truckers, writing first-person narratives on desolation & despair that could make even the characters in Darkness on the Edge of Town think that they might not have it that bad after all. (more…)